6 tips to get through with a baby on a flight comfortably

For many young children or toddlers, there is no better way to explore the world safely than by air. It is because nearly everything or moment interests toddlers.  For example, they may enjoy watching the people dealing with luggage, riding on moving walkways and watching aeroplanes closely.

However, there are many ways to divert their attention while travelling via air, so you must be careful about a few tips. The blog discusses the best ways to travel with a baby on a flight comfortably. It will help you avoid unnecessary circumstances later.

How to travel with a toddler safely on a plane?

Guardians and parents get overwhelmed with travelling with a toddler on a plane. The concern is genuine as aeroplane sickness may impact the baby. There may be other concerns too that may be bothering you. However, having a tab on the best solution can help ensure a safe and comfortable travel with a baby. Here are some tips that may help you prepare for the best trip with your baby:

1)     Check for a bassinet

If travelling with an infant, having a bassinet will help make your baby comfortable. A bassinet attaches to the area in front of the backseat head. It provides a cosy and safe spot for the baby to rest and play.

Additionally, you do not need to book a seat for your baby if it is too small to sit over it alone. A bassinet will be sufficient in that case. The attached bassinet eliminates the need to book one. Moreover, each airline has a weight and bassinet limit. If you make it, you can travel comfortably with a bassinet.

2)     Keep some food for toddlers

Though you may spot some toddler meals on flight comfortably, not every airline provides them. Thus, it is better to keep some baby food while you travel by air. If they do not allow it, notify the staff about the allergies and why the particular food is necessary. They may allow the food in special cases ensuring that your child has a safe and suitable meal during the journey.

It is also better if your toddler is habitually eating at a specific time. It is true with babies as they dislike eating all the time. Additionally, pack some milk as flights struggle to provide additional milk and liquid facilities to kids. Moreover, bringing the milk would ensure you of the quality and avoid additional stress. You can also bring fortified milk sachets on the flight comfortably.

3)     Keep time flexibility with the baby

Usually, one moves out 2 hours before to catch the flight and check-ins. However, with a baby, you must move early. It is ideal to leave the house 3 hours before the flight. It is because, with a toddler, you may have to indulge in additional tasks like feeding and changing clothes or diapers before taking a flight. It may take an hour.

Moreover, reaching the airport early helps avoid additional stress associated with last-minute moments. You may have sprinted gates in the past, but now, with a baby, you can’t simply take that risk.

4)     Get toddlers separate seats for long flights

Children under the age of 2 can cover the journey on your lap; however, if you have a baby aged 5 or more, book a separate seat. It is feasible and probably a comfortable option for a longer flight. It is ideal if your child is too mobile. He may visit other seats and encroach on the space that’s not his. Thus, it may impact the atmosphere in the flight comfortably. Avoid the mess simply by booking a ticket for your child as well.

Moreover, long journeys are tiresome. To avoid the boredom, he will sleep peacefully on the seat. A flight longer than 4 hours is exhausting for adults. Thus, children may feel irritated. Take this as a primary concern and book a ticket accordingly.

5)     Have the required medications

It is the most important thing you should be mindful of while travelling with babies on a flight. It will help you avoid unfavourable situations in the airport vicinity. Check the prescriptions, allergies, special liquids, or chewable medicines that are critical for the baby’s health. List important items before the due date. It will help you keep and pack the medicines carefully.

Your child is vulnerable to catching aeroplane sickness, just like adults. Moreover, they may suffer mood swings, too. Having the required medications will help you deal with that without panicking.

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6)     Pack entertaining items for your kid

Do not forget to store some entertaining items for your kids to keep them busy. You can stick spinners to the plane windows and bring small objects to permanence boxes. It can be books, toys or little stickers your child can play with. Never let your child feel isolated. Interact with him at regular intervals so that he remains happy throughout the journey.

You can even buy your kid some interesting books with their favourite characters. It will keep them engaged for a long. You can download some of his favourite shows or movies on a tab/smartphone. However, your toddler may play it loudly, or get your kid the baby-size headphones for the best experience.

Bottom line

Ultimately, the key to a successful trip with a child onboard is preparation and risk abatement. No one knows your child’s needs and conduct more than you. Thus, prepare things accordingly and be hopeful.

It’s okay to face discomfort with a baby because it also counts as memories on your trip.  Additionally, keep necessary documents, food, medicines and hygienic things carefully. It will help your toddler relish the first-flight experience.