An Introduction of High-value Certificates in the IT Industry

At present, the top IT certificates are often directly linked to the leading technology enterprises in the IT industry, which can be specifically divided into network engineering, software research and development, database, application software, project management, etc.

Network Engineering:

  1. Cisco Certification spoto exam

In Cisco certification system, CCNA / CCDA, CCNP / CCDP and CCIE certifications are very popular. The highest level is CCIE certification. There are probably thousands of people who have obtained CCIE certificate in China, and they usually receive good treatment in their work. This is also the certification with high value at present, but the exam fee is high. It costs more than 1666 US dollars.

Branch fields: routers and converters, global networks and their conversion, ISP dialing, System Network Architecture (SSA) for mainframe, network integration and design.

  1. Huawei Certification

Huawei certification mainly includes six directions: digital communication, security, storage, cloud computing, cloud service and data center.

With many years of experience in training ICT talents, based on the ICT industry chain, Huawei has a good understanding of industry development and the career development cycle of talents. Guided by hierarchical professional technology certification, and equipped with Huawei’s “cloud management end” integration technology, Huawei launched the certification system covering IP, IT, CT and ICT integration technology. It is the only certification system which covers all ICT technology.

Cisco vs Huawei

The advantages of Cisco certification are as follows. Cisco’s technology is better. Cisco certification has more than 20 years of history, and is the leading certification system in IT industry. It receives higher professional recognition. Cisco certification is internationally recognized, and if you want to go abroad, getting Cisco certificate will help.

In recent years, Huawei certification has received more recognition with the expansion of the market. Because Huawei certification exam is in Chinese, candidates have no language pressure. The examination fee is cheaper. Moreover, more and more domestic enterprises purchase Huawei equipment, which will certainly be a trend in the future.

Software Research and Development:

There are two kinds of certificates for software R & D that are acceptable in enterprises. One is the JAVA certification of SUN company, and the other is the programmer certification of the national software center.

SUN’s JAVA certification includes: SCJP, SCJD, SCWCD, SCMAD, SCWSD, SCEA, etc. The highest level is SCEA, (SUN Certified Enterprise Architect).

The technology and skills in the Internet / software industry are more practical. In the process of pursuing these certificates, you will find out whether you really like the industry. You will be required to learn professional basic knowledge and accumulate practical experience in software development.

Oracle is one of the most widely used commercial database products, and the manufacturer’s certificate is naturally valuable. OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) is an authoritative professional technical standard issued and implemented by Oracle.

The Oracle certification expert program involves two popular roles in the IT industry, namely Database Administrator (DBA) and Application Developer (DEV).

There is also IBM, but whether to take the certification of IBM depends on whether the enterprise you want to work for uses IBM products.

Project Management:

PMP Project Management Professional certificates are recognized by many companies. By learning for PMP certification, candidates can indeed learn a lot. Large and medium-sized enterprises give priority to those who hold PMP certificates, or directly raise their wages. So PMP certificates have certain value.

PMP provides a general knowledge system for project management. The project management systems of many European and American companies are similar to the one recommended by PMM. Therefore, if you have this certificate, you will find it easy to join such a system and communication in the system will be convenient and communication costs will be reduced.