Where Can I Find Reliable IELTS Coaching in Noida?

Preparing for Reliable IELTS may seem overwhelming to most. But all that tension and fear of failure can be alleviated via appropriate guidance and tutoring. Signing up with a top coaching platform provides 360-degree exam preparation – theoretical understanding, time management and question-solving skills. Hence, it’s a no-brainer to join a top-tier platform (preferably in or near your city, NOIDA)!

The pleasing news is that the city has no dearth of tutoring platforms. Reports indicate there are 60+ preparation centres, each presenting unique benefits and 360-degree coaching to help pupils ace their exam in their maiden attempt. If you are looking for a place to join, AbroAdvice presents online Reliable IELTS coaching in Noida from trained specialists in the industry.

Regional students constantly laud their experts’ panel. Plus, they’re also heralded as a trustworthy Study Abroad Consultancy for aspirants wanting to join a foreign college/university.

Here’s What You Can Expect Upon Signing Up!

  1. Help in Selecting the Appropriate Exam for You

The International English Language Testing System comprises 2 types of tests – ACADEMIC and General Training. Their experts help you decide which is right for you. They educate you on the course curriculum for both exams and deliver tailored sessions on the entire syllabus for impeccable preparation.

Quit searching the web for a top-rated abroad study consultancy in Noida for complete online course preparation classes and other ancillary service details.

  1. Makes You Familiar with The Pattern

Four sections feature in this highly acknowledged language competency examination. They are –listening, reading, writing and speaking. Check the table below.

Section Number of Questions Duration
Listening skills 4 sections and 40 questions 30 minutes
Speaking skills Interview 15 minutes
Reading 3 sections and 40 questions 60 minutes
Writing 2 pieces of writing 60 minutes

Each segment comes with vivid question types to assess the versatility of students in English communication. Refer Below.

Sections Description Questions/Duration Marks Band Score
Listening Audio recordings with various question types 40 questions/30 minutes 40 0-9
Speaking Face-to-face interview to evaluate fluency, vocabulary, grammar, and coherence 3 parts/11-14 minutes 40 0-9
Reading Texts from books, newspapers, and magazines with comprehension questions 40 questions/60 minutes 40 0-9
Writing Task 1 (report/summary) Task 2 (essay) 2 tasks/60 minutes 40 0-9


  1. Full Syllabus Batches Covering All Study Materials 

One of the main USPs of the platform is its full Reliable IELTS syllabus batches that focus on all study materials for extensive preparation. Their experts cover all 4 segments and guarantee the perfect blend of coherence and quality in every learning material/resource they deliver.

Among those study materials also include several practice sheets compiled by their in-house tutors. It comprises all segments in the exact order of the real thing. The objective behind providing sample papers is to aid apprentices in improving problem-solving accuracy. Time management and overall confidence in scoring well in every section.

Below Are the Chief Features of Their Sample Papers.

Exam Content The mock samples will contain recordings, writing prompts, and comprehension passages in vivid areas.
Vivid Question Formats It will feature vivid questions precisely as seen in the original papers to make learners accustomed to all formats. With it, they also impart solving strategies to tackle them correctly without taking too much time.
Test Timing Their sample sheets mimic the time limits of the actual paper. Students are taught to cope up with real-time test pressure by solving questions under timed conditions.
Performance Assessments Through these practice tests, students can assess their performance and even identify areas needing more improvement.


  1. Specialized Examination Preparation Club

Besides these above benefits, the platform also presents its unique prep club comprising morning, afternoon and evening batch conveniences.

Here’s What Will Feature?

  • E-books on live curriculum
  • Doubt-solving sessions from trained specialists
  • 280+ practice exercises and over 10 mock assessments
  • Easy access to all archived lectures
  • 12 weeks online class facility and a year of portal validity
  • Over 40 Sectional Tests For L, R, W, & S
  • Dictation tests for improving reading sections among below-par English speakers
  • Easy access to course tutor anytime (even during odd hours)
  • Curation of each course as per the subject and academic module

They also deliver Fast Track IELTS Prep Batch to interested parties.

  1. Official IELTS Textbooks to Work with At Home

Students also get various official IELTS textbook suggestions to work with at home. These learning materials are easily available online and offline. Below are some of their suggestions.

  • Cambridge IELTS Trainer– It comprises 6 practice tests and helpful insights for scoring big on the main day.
  • Grammar for IELTS Writing Task (Volume 2) E-Book– It contains knowledge on creating complex structures and grammatical aspects to incorporate into the essay. Using it, students can improve their writing accuracy and soundness in the Language.
  • IELTS Cambridge Test Books –They feature topics and questions for the speaking section and other exam-taking strategies to ace your performance on the actual paper.

  1. Successful Exam-Taking Tips from Top Specialists 

In addition, the platform’s experts also share helpful exam-taking tips to guarantee excellent band scores on the first attempt.

Check Out Those Tips Below

  1. Never look to memorize answers.
  2. Always practice wholeheartedly using free sample papers.
  3. Take mock tests daily to assess your performance accurately.
  4. Aim to solve 2 papers each day under timed conditions.
  5. Refer to all previous mistakes, and don’t repeat them in the next attempt.
  6. Always score more in your next practice paper while reducing the solving time.
  7. Always utilize a wide range of grammatical structures.
  8. Develop listening practice using preparation CDs and other audio recordings and podcasts.
  9. Try to speak in English at every opportunity to improve your speaking.
  10. Indulge in regular reading or watching English movies/shows using subtitles.
  11. Work with different questions each time to increase awareness, accuracy and confidence.
  12. Read dictionaries and thesauri to boost language vocabulary. Use those learned assertive terms in writing and when speaking.
  13. Listen to native English speakers when communicating via news channels, sports commentary, or video tutorials to improve pronunciation, stress and intonation.
  14. Always ask for clarifications from the course instructor (when stuck).

Sign Up Today for Reliable Online IELTS Coaching Help and Study Abroad Services!

There is always some element of doubt among students concerning the right IELTS tutoring and abroad study consultancy firms near their location. Several scammers look to dupe students into going for their below-par services. Be aware of those agencies.

Fortunately, the referred service provider is 100% legit (per students’ feedback). Plus, they deliver confidential services per user’s request and ensure the task is finished within the time limit.

Additionally, the platform also provides several study abroad ancillary services.

 They Are as Follows –

  • SOP/LOR Writing Help –You can expect help and guidance in crafting a quality Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation.

Their specialists will customize both documents, help in proofreading, and dispatch the ready documents ASAP.

  • Travel Assistance –The agency assists students in choosing the appropriate visa type. Their experts conduct eligibility inspections and doc verifications and aid candidates in preparing for mock Visa interviews.

They also assist in extending study permits.

  • Student Loan Assistance –The service provider assists you in sanctioning pre-VISA loans and securing merit-based perks, short loans and quick approvals with legitimate certificates.
  • Forex Services – Their assiduous team assists in obtaining Forex cards, paying application fees, delivering outward and inward remittance services, and even performing extensive document checkups to get you the Forex card.

Their knowledge makes the process quick and hassle-free.

  • Air Tickets – They aid students in procuring the best flights and air tickets along with exclusive discounts, guaranteed flight dates, and other perks such as additional baggage space and automatic upgrades.

They also take care of flight cancellation charges if you intend to reschedule your departure time.

  • Accommodations –The website helps students find student-friendly accommodations in their chosen foreign nation. They assist aspirants in choosing a suitable spot per their budget and the institution’s distance.

They even handle all lease arrangements and utility cost estimates – electricity bills, water bills, laundry services, internet usage, gas and so on!

  • Pre-Departure –Pre-departure services will feature packing assistance, immigration help and support, insights about the foreign land’s new culture and other post-arrival suggestions.
  • Scholarship –The agency will provide insights and suggestions for securing worthy studentship options for funding your course learning and living expenditures.

Feel free to check these services out to get a precise idea of the platform’s versatility, competence and reach.

End Note:

Pursuing education in an international college is something most students dream about. Securing the benchmark Reliable IELTS score proves paramount for setting those pursuits in motion.

So, study hard and work with sample papers daily. With more practice and confidence, you will be fully prepared to tackle anything on the main paper and get admission into your distance college/university.

The suggested platform will help turn your potential dream into an actuality. So, connect with the recommended agency above and make the most of their student-centric coaching and study abroad services ASAP!

Author’s Bio

Lina Luice is an Reliable IELTS specialist for AbroAdvice. She has Master in Literature and conducts online coaching on other competitive exams too.